We purchased a Lonestar Barn "package" which included a four stall barn with raised center aisle, tack room with raised drop ceiling, and installation assembly to include stained and finished wood pine lumber for the barn walls. Phone calls were rarely returned.

Text messages were delayed and curt. Emails were also delayed to non existent. Construction was shoddy until we took over construction of the barn to quality standards at our expense for extra materials. We have yet to be reimbursed for failure to deliver materials for the drop ceiling and also failure to stain and finish the wood pine lumber which was supposed to be delivered as a finished material.

No calls are returned.

No emails are returned. I've included several pictures of their workmanship and their "company" location in Canyon Texas.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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did either of you get your money back?

Prescott, Arizona, United States #733667

Original Poster.

I received a certified mail delivered refund check on October 25, 2013. I posted the same information to the Better Business Bureau the following day.

At this point I am relieved to have gotten a refund for the few items that were not done.

No further discussions or comments or clarifications are needed or desired. I am glad to put this whole experience behind me.


I may be of assistance to you as I'm going through the same thing right now. I can't say much more on here. Please email me at halaghh@hotmail.com.

Texas City, Texas, United States #731107

Mary, Mike, Debbie - At Lonestar Barns?

Any excuses, stories, and further reasons why this company continues to cheat honest trusting customers out of their hard earned money?

I'm still waiting for my refunds. Not holding my breath.

to Nick Brandson Agoura Hills, California, United States #769321

We are a law firm representing an individual who had a similar experience with Debbie Brown-Russell and Lonestar Barns. First, our client, when she complained about not getting a written contract, was told that Brown-Russell had a “sick mother.” Secondly, after learning about the “sick mother” excuse given to others, and demanding a refund, she was refused a complete refund. Please contact us at josburn@brownbrownklass.com.

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